San Benito Smart Park

San Benito Smart Park is 2 MW wholesale generation facility in Hollister California. This System is over 8,800 modules and has had a positive effect on the local power grid, which was previously prove to blackouts and power surges as a result of being the end of the transmission line. This project was sold by the ASC Founder to Talesun / Enerpac.

The members of California Water and Power worked as consultants on this project and provided a service crucial to the permitting and eventual construction of the system.

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TC Ranch

The TC Ranch project is an 80 kW system located on an alfalfa farm and cattle ranch in the far reaches of Northern California, in the high desert, nearly on the Oregon Border. This system was implemented to offset the electrical usage of a large pump irrigating the alfalfa fields.

ASC built this Ranch Well Pump PV Solar System.

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Indianapolis Airport

The Indianapolis Airport project Phase I: 12 MW, comprised of 44,000 modules. The project is a wholesale generation project, and helping Indianapolis Power and Light increase the sustainability of their generation portfolio. Phase II: 10 MW 36,000 module and Phase III 2.5 MW 9,000 module.

ACS's members worked on and continue to work with Telamon and GES on these and other projects around the USA. ASC's members provided legal, financial, and design assistance to the project.

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Chard Solar Farm

The Chard Solar Farm project is a 1.814 MW project South of Red Bluff in Northern California. The Chard Solar Farm is currently in the CEQA process with Tehama County, and was designed to offset the usage of the pumps associated with 128 acres of newly planted olive trees.

ASC is developing and building the Chard Solar Farm in conjunction with American Solar Utility and Geres Energy.

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Zamora is an 812 kW project located on Interstate 505 two miles southwest of the I-505, I-5 interchange. Zamora is located in a sheep grazing pasture, and will be in continued grazing usage after construction. Zamora is currently under development in the permitting process. Zamora is slated to enter CEQA in two weeks time.

Zamora is being jointly developed between ASC and American Solar Utility.

Zamora Production Available Soon