Mission Statement

ASC has been moving forward in its program to promote renewable resources and environmental stewardship that; protects the environment, creates jobs, supports public health, and increases public access to clean power and water. Our Mission with your involvement will help combat global climate change.

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American Solar Construction

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ASC is best known for its latest Environmental Sustainability Program. Being GREEN is our Clients Goal and ASC is here to support those Goals with Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Construction Services. We work with Public and Private Entities.

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ASC News

The latest:

American Solar Construction to Launch New Power Purchase Agreement Program with its Affiliate Companies; General Energy Solution USA (GES).

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Our Clients


Roof Top Solar

30kW ac PV Solar Project Site - Dunnigan, CA

Increases the Substainability of the Farm Operations

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I helped Build a 1 Megawatt PC Solar Power Plant

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ASC Builds Multiple PV Solar Project for Sustainable Farming near Arbuckle CA

This PV Solar Project is in the heart of Northern California and its cattle and sheep grazing industry. This project will provide substainable energy and water resources for the ranch.

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